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i've started a new "blog", the first post of which details my experience at last night's STP show

in the meantime, you should check out

you get money (well, fractons of a penny) every time someone clicks a link you've posted. just sayin, free money is always good.


livejournal says i last updated 39 weeks ago. i honestly dont think i can even remember what i may have talked about without looking. wow...
fuck it, i'm drinking.

but as if that wasn't good enough, also

Apr. 11th, 2008

i know i haven't updated in forever, but i would like to inform you all that on friday may ninth i have a date with some marijuana and a little band from england called radiohead. front and center, approx 30 rows back.

hello all. i know it's been awhile. just thought i'd check in.

i bought a car. it's a blue 2008 suzuki reno hatchback. it has nitrogen in the tires instead of regular air which is supposed to be better for gas mileage. it also has side airbags and stuff like that.

anywho, here are some picsCollapse )
"I saw you swinging
Swinging your mothers sword
I know youre playing but
Sometimes the rules get hard

But if somebody left you out on a ledge
If somebody pushed you over the edge
If somebody loved you and left you for dead
You got to hold on to your time till you break
Through these times of


thanks chris, i'll certainly try
so i was in walmart earlier and i saw a cd that has lullaby versions of pink floyd songs. i didn't get it though.

hmm, i just looked on amazon and:

apparently they have a whole series of those things...including *puke* nirvana.

other than that, not much more to report. i'm trying to get a job working with coca-cola but i havent heard anything yet. so right now i'm just here working a stupid ass grocery store job for 8/hr...and i have like 25 bucks till wednesday. AND i need gas (and to also eat) :(
so...for...hell, i don't know, a year and a half at least i had been smoking a pack of marlboro menthol lights a each and every day (with few variations) and smoking smaller amounts before that.
but, i had started to really have heart problems...like i didn't go to the doctors or anything but my heart would just beat like fucking crazy and my nose would bleed and when i shaved my blood was REALLY thinned out and it was hard to stop it. and i'd have chest pains.
it's funny, because if you aren't addicted to something and experience this sort of thing (at least it's been this way for me), you can't really comprehend the concept of "hitting rock bottom"...but i did. i had tried to quit before unsuccessfully...mostly because i didn't really want to. i mean, i did want to, but, i didn't really have something to drive me to quit.
but, since october 17th at approx. 7:00PM i have only consumed one pack of cigarretes. and it wasn't like spaced out or anything...i went four or five days with one, got pissed off at work, bought a pack, smoked it over a day and a half, felt like shit, and then quit again.

now, if only i could get rid of this shitty job and move out of this house...
so, apparently, i inadvertedly routinely give off the impression that i am gay.

sorry for the confusion, but i'm not.

(not that those who are mistaken are going to read this)

Oct. 7th, 2007

well, if there's one thing that north carolina is good for, it's not outlawing everclear. mmmm...yay 190 proof alcohol :)

oh, and fuck the yankees


time for: EVACUATION!

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